"Playing in the Hula Bowl was a first class experience. Having the opportunity to meet NFL scouts / personnel gave me the chance to put my best foot forward both on and off the field.” - Nate Ilaoa (@nateilaoa, 2007 Hula Bowl)

Why Play In The Hula Bowl?

Did you know that in 2017 there were 774 NFL players who appeared in at least 40-percent of offensive or defensive snaps? A total of 133 of these 774 players (17-percent) were UDFAs. Just to show how large of a percentage this is, the chart shows the number of 2017 “regular contributors” by draft position.

Real numbers…Real Life. Here is another real-life FACT. Your skills will get noticed, when you have opportunity to show them to the people that matter now, the Pro Scouts. The more times that you get to showcase your game up against the best, directly increases your chances of the scouts taking notice. Come to the 2022 Hula Bowl and let them know why you belong among the best in the world.