Coaches Testimonials



Mike Singletary

" Any opportunity for elite college athletes to showcase their skills to NFL Scouts and the world is a privilege. The Hula Bowl 
featured many of the game's legends, and its certain to birth many more. "


Rex Ryan

" The Hula Bowl has been a great showcase for college athletes who dream of playing in the NFL. NFL coaches and national television contract CBS Sports
have allowed the game to be one of the premier college All-Star games in America. The Hula Bowl staff and Executive Director Rich Miano have been able 
to showcase Hawaii while putting on a 1st class bowl game! "


Samson Anguay
KAI Running Back Coach
2021 Hula Bowl

" The Hula Bowl experience was amazing. To learn from all the coaches and to see all the talented players was amazing.
Blessed to be a young and upcoming coach with an awesome opportunity, can't wait for next year!"


Chad Owens
AINA Wide Receiver Coach
2021 Hula Bowl

" Coaching in the Hula Bowl was an amazing experience. Having played in the game back in 2005 and fast forwarding
to coaching in it in 2021 is truly something special. Being able to help impact these aspiring football players to go out and
achieve and experience what I've been so fortunate to have experienced in playing pro ball. Coaching in the Hula Bowl was
so fulfilling for me and I hope those guys learned something from me that will help them on their journey.​ "


Kamalani Alo
KAI Coach Liaison
2021 Hula Bowl

" As a coach I enjoy feasting on the wisdom of the other coaches and the knowledge they have to offer! I enjoy the fire and excitement the athletes
bring to the table from learning what the coaches have to offer to showing it to the world out on the field! Thank you Logan Family for the opportunity! "


Leo Goeas
KAI Offensive Line Coach
2021 Hula Bowl

" The Hula Bowl experience was great! The coaches and players all worked well together. Being able to coach the Hula Bowl game this year was extra
special due to the unlikely prospects and challengers presented by COVID -19. The thought that the 2021 Hula Bowl could have been the last game ever
played at the Aloha Stadium is sobering. "


Darren Hernandez
KAI Special Teams Coordinator
2021 Hula Bowl

" It was an amazing and unforgettable experience! Everything was first class and well run. Rex Ryan is a hoot and made the game enjoyable for all.
Rich Miano did an incredible job! "


Matt Faga
AINA Defensive Line Coach
2021 Hula Bowl​

" The Hula Bowl is such an amazing event not only for the players but for the coaches who get to meet legendary players and coaches. Sitting in the room with
great minds really help evaluate my game as a coach. Love being apart of the Hula Bowl family! "