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Holina (Help) for Uvalde from the Hula Bowl Foundation | 100% of all donations will go to the families affected

The Hula Bowl Foundation has set up a Move Your Mountain page for the Uvalde families affected by the tragedy that recently took place in Texas.

The Uvalde tragedy was devastating. The horrific events of one day will impact this community for generations.  During these times we must all come together to offer support through prayers and hands on action.  The Hula Bowl Foundation was created to provide scholarships and assistance to families in the community.  Our goal has always been focused on the future of youth and their families.

So many lives were cut short by this unthinkable act. The sobering fact is that there will be unplanned expenses which will add unnecessary weight to the incredible loss.  For this reason, The Hula Bowl Foundation is endeavoring to raise money to be delivered to Uvalde to be distributed to the families impacted.  100% of the funds collected will be passed to the families.  Move Your Mountain has agreed to waive all credit card processing fees generally applied to ensure that the maximum amount of money will go to this hurting community.

Our prayers go out to all of the friends and families! Please pray about helping this families at this crucial time.

Please make a DONATION today to help these families by clicking on the Move Your Mountain link provided

All of the proceeds will go to the families impacted!

On behalf of the Hula Bowl Foundation, Mahalo!

Hula Bowl Foundation