2020 Winner - Anthony Jones


This year's Joe Roth Award was presented to Hula Bowl football player Anthony Jones.

Anthony Jones is a running back from Florida International University. On the day of September 6 2018, Anthony was in the wrong place at the wrong time. From across the street there was open gun fire and Anthony got shot in the face and in the back. If the bullet had gone an inch or two in a different direction, he could have died. By the grace of God Anthony Jones was given a second chance.

After making a full recovery Anthony was able to get back out on the football field. Later in 2019, Anthony was selected to come and play at the 2020 Hula Bowl All-Star College Classic Football Game. Anthony went out on the football field to play with the top 100 College Players from all across the United States, Australia and Japan. With NFL Scouts representing from all 32 NFL Teams watching and witnessing the talent of the college football players.

After a successful football game in Hawaii, Anthony Jones was then drafted as a Free Agent to go onto to play with the Seattle Seahawks.

The Hula Bowl has presented this year's Joe Roth Award to a man of courage, strength and endurance. Anthony Jones is a very talented athlete and a humble genuine person on and off the football field.

It was an honor to have Anthony Jones play at the 2020 Hula Bowl All-Star Game in Honolulu, Hawaii!