The Game

A champion is simply someone who did not give up when they wanted to.

- Tom Landry

The Game

The Hula Bowl is the Nation's Premier College Football All-Star Game. The Hula Bowl is an event where all NFL, XFL, USFL and CFL teams will be represented by top scout players during the Hula Bowl week.

Over the pass 70 year's of history the Hula Bowl has had hundreds of stories of athletes that shined in the game and thereby caught the attention of the scouts from the NFL, XFL, USFL and CFL leagues. Outstanding performances at the Hula Bowl will enhance the athletes opportunities for taking their football career to the next level and ensuring a promising future!

Since 1946, the Hula Bowl has hosted legendary players including many Heisman Trophy winners, such as Merlin Olsen, Vince Ferragamo, Brian Young, Blaine Gaison, Ricky Williams, Deion Sanders, Fran Tarkenton, Dan Marino, Eric Dickerson, Jim Plunkett, Tony Dorsett Eric Crounch, Rộn Dayne, Anthony Miller, Mike Garrett, Drew Brees, Billy Sims and many more!